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New Arcane Bolt & Reactive Move stratagem !

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Hello everyone !!

Today we learned 3 extra things concerning AOS 3.0 :

Arcane Bolt

warhammer rumour

Arcane Bolt wording changed! Awesome news for all Vampire players and other casters that fight in melee. 1 extra D3 mortal is very good !

The Nagash combo is kind of fun as you can now precast 8 Arcane bolt and deal 8d3 at the start of the melee phase...


warhammer rumour

Incredible tool! Still the move is very random but adding 1d6 to the charge or grabbing an objective, a cover is incredibly tricky ^^

Ranks Unbroken

warhammer rumour

They kept these rules...I don't understand why ...
It's very dumb to exclude Ossiarch from the 3.0 improvement ...

What do you think ?