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SCE + Orruck FAQ released !

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Hello everyone !!!

GW released SCE + Orruck faq.

if you have the app, you need to update it (at least on android)


-Translocation prayer prevent move.
-General trait granting -1 to wounds on monster is limited to behemoth (good !)
-Cycle the storm is back to trash lvl (remove 1 wound)


Sloggoth get the Kruleboys keywords.
Gore grunta with gore hacka get -2 rend (same as brute and offset the charge nerf)
Wording on the multi-order is a lot more flexible and allow to use all out attack/defense.


-Confirming that the new mighty destroyer don't allow fight
-Multiple unit can unleash hell or redeploy if they were eligible and you can multi cast the order.


Very good fix on everything but Cycle the storm IMO.
Second wave SCE were made trash intentionally in this book and it's kind of sad.