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AOS : New Tzeentch vs Lumineth box ^^

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Hello everyone !!

As it was rumoured, the next Armies are Lumineth and Tzeentch !!

The box content is the usual 2 new heroes and filler stuff.

That also means that box codex are getting a new version. (lol is this the third or fourth book for the lumineth already ?)

Thx box was supposed to be out by now but delay in the chain of production have pushed it to now


the Scinari Enlightener

warhammer rumour

Mage that uses the symmetry and symbolism of Hysh as a weapon.

Rest of the box is 5 Cav, 5 Bladelord, 10 sentinels


Plastic curseling !!! Lovely model :D

warhammer rumour

Rest of the box is 3 tzaangor on disk, 10 tzaangor on foot, 20 cultists

Also tokens and cards

warhammer rumour

Maybe we can spot a few differences on the BladeLords warscroll ^^

So what do you think of this box ?