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Warhammer Rumour of the week : a Cloak

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This Week's Warhammer Rumour: A Cloak of Mystery

Warhammer 40,000 10th Edition pre-orders may be stealing the limelight, but for the discerning fans, the latest Warhammer rumour has piqued curiosity.

This week, Games Workshop has given us a close-up glimpse of a neat piece of a potential new model. All we see is a cloak, heavily adorned with chitin-like spikes- a texture more commonly seen in the Age of Sigmar universe or possibly hinting at a rugged figure from the grim underbelly of Necromunda (desert stuff ?)

The detail on the cloak are almost primal or wild. Behind the cloak, a quiver can be seen, its feathered arrow tails poking out, but offering no further clues.

What do you think ? Ranger for the COS ?