My first 8th edition game !

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Small thumb move in position2

Hello everyone !!

I played a fast discovery game of 40k v8 this afternoon and i'd like to share my observations.

it's a quick simple game using models we had around (basically old or wip models).
We used free play mode (without army building then), power level points and the first mission of matched game (just kill each other)



2 Tact squads
2 rhinos
1 predator baal (assault canon + 2 heavy flamer)
10 dc with jump pack
1 Priest with jump pack
5 scouts


Forget wysiwyg here, it was a total mess of models (some as old as Space crusade, bloodbowl 2 ed, 40k second ed ..)

30 boys
2*20 gretchins
5 bikes
3 warbuggies (old trukc models)
1 warboss in mega armor
1 warboss
1 slipnok
1 captain flashgit
1 nob with waaahg banner
1 doc
10 tanks busta

Game was around 73/74 power points. This new system is quite handy to make a quick list if you avoid the min/maxing.



Center deployment, the plan is to let them come and then counter attack !!


Most of the characters in the center giving buff around them ! The orc line go from 1 side to the other.
Plan is simple, swarm them !!
Left side :

Right side :

Slipknot is kept in ambush !! niark niark


Blood angels :
Nothing special here, everything move a bit forward to get in 24" or into 12" for scouts.
Bad rolls and only one grot die (at least they are not 20 anymore removing the +1 bonus to hit)
Death comp jump on the roof of the building (another rule that i wont be missing)

Everything on foot RUNn everything on wheels move and shoot !

Boys rolled a 6 to run they are already in the middle.

Left grot kill all the scout ! Dice were super hot !!

Too bad :/ i was already imagining holding the bridge in melee against the horde of grotz !

Bike + tankbusta + flashgit captain shoot DC and Rhino. 3 damage on the rhino and 2 dead dc :/

Image of end of turn with loss :

Turn Debrief : No difficulty here, but some precision about charging ruins and models on top of ruins would help.
Vehicle rules are so simple, you move and shot at -1 end of story !


BLOOD ANGELS : time to hit back !! there is a green wave coming, and it's not going to make the planet great again !

-First I unload the transport.

-Then move everything in position !
Right side

Left side

I place Rhino and Predator in a position allowing to charge to soak overwatch.

-Shooting time !

I must stop and talk about my Baal with flamer sponso !! I got him for around 20 years but it was always a pain to use. But now these days are over !!!. Jump forward and fire up all these orcs !!!

Unloading the Baal :

I don't know why i drown these templates ^^. Anyway the damage were good 11 orc boys were carbonated or pierced by the assault canon.

Plasma storm of Death ! :

Yea :/ i shot the plasma canon and the gun both in overcharge mode to kill these pesky bikers. Killed 2 but both marines got killed by overheat ^^(Re-rolling 1 is a must have if you plan to use plasma)

Large view of the orcs Casualties

If you didn't played much to AOS it's a good habit to take, to keep track of the round casualties by laying models on theier back or by placing them by your table edge. In the image you see i laid 2 bikes , removed 11 boys and placed them top, same for the grot unit. Then in the morale phase you only need to count the dead and add them to your d6 roll. Each points over the LD = one runner.

Conclusion of my shooting : Super happy the way the predators baal act, tact squad feel solid now that i can split my shooting. When you think about the tactical squad paradox it's upsetting. The fluff tell us they can handle all sorts of situations but the rules would force them to focus the same target. I feel the same about the heavy flamer sponso, why did we had to wait 15 years to get rules like these ? I don't ask something powerful, just functional.


Of course i charged first with the rhino and the baal to lock units in melee an remove their Overwatch shots.

It's Clobbering Time !

The melee phase went well, orcs forgot about the Heroic intervention , both me and him forgot the chainsword/choppa extra strike ^^
Orc player misplaced his whaagh banner for that +1 hit, Dealt 5 damage on the right rhino with a claw.
Dc wiped the bikes and consolidated on one orc boy !!

Morale phase

Boys lost 15 models with only 13 left in the unit. Rolled a 6 so 8 should have fled (orcs have ld = their number), BUT big boss killed 1d3 boys (1) and that's was it (when you fail a morale roll you can kill 1D3 models to pass.)
Great ability ^^

Off course now you can choose were loss happen. The orc removed the one boys the dc consolidated into ^^. Removing them from the fight in front of the tank busta !! Well played


This turn was Crazy orcs moved in position and shot the hell out of my Blood Angels !!

Orc Boss charged DC, Orc boss in mega armor charged Rhino ,and Slipknot charged the back of the tact squad.

Yea 9" charge roll.

Melee :

Slipknot vaporized the right tact squad imposing an extra -1 on the morale role with his special rules(he's scarry so you get -1 ld)

The boss charged into the DC but he wasn't that great. He stroke with his big choppa killed 2 more of them but the thunder hammer and the Fist Rolled well and killed him in one turn. !!

Funny morale moment !

It turn out that Marines know the fear a little more in V8 ^^
Tact right squad had 6 loss this turn + 1 from slipknot death mask rule = 7 Rolled 5 re-rolled 6 :/ Wipe out.
Then we wondered if the DC had to test, we looked at the black rage section and nothing was mentioned. Then we checked if the last survivor were in Lemartes 6" to use his morale ? too bad it was 6.1 ^^. So DEATH COMPANY made a morale at -1 rolled a 6 and rerolled a 5. The 3 marines Left ran away :/.

With this the game was clearly lost, marines were surrounded under heavy fire and with no victory condition due to us not reading the scenario^^.


After we finished the game very fast and i didn't take any more pics.
In a nutshell :
-TankBusta boys killed the rhino and 3 marines on overwatch.
-Captain badtruck used Heroic intervention to support the tankbusta(it's very handy and interesting).
-Lemartes and The orcs boss in power armor battled to the death while all the buggies were Shooting poor sanguinary priest.

End of turn 5 there was no Space Marines left :(

Pro and Cons

-40k is fun again, it's a personal view, and fun can take many forms. But i had more fun in this 40k game than i can remember in a long long time.
-Trim the fat : Happy they removed a bunch of useless rules, I hated the USR concept from the get go ^^
-Reverting the AP system : Glad we got ride of this monster.
-It's AOS improved (i guess some rules could be adapted into AOS).
-Gw seem to use math now for calculating units point and that's good.

Cons :
-Too many dice : i feel we roll a bit too much dice.
-Los and terrain rules could be improved. No complicated ruling but just exemple of different situations.
-Some rules don't fit the fluff. For exemple : Death company marines are so crazy that they can't even operate normally as a fighting force but they roll morale with ld7.

Ok that's all for now, The game was super fun and i am eager to play again. I think i'll skip my Warmachine training this week to play a bit more of V8.

Thx for reading me !!


created : about 3 years ago

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RuneWars Miniatures (Gameplay review)

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Small thumb deploy1

Morning everyone !!!

Last time I was doing the unboxing/presentation of "Runewars the miniature game" ( here ). Since then, I played my first game with the starter box and I wanted to do a quick debrief of the game.

Rules presentation:

I don't know if you are familliar with X-Wing or Armada, but Runewars uses the same type of wheel to issue orders (I explained it in the unboxing here ). The main difference with X-Wing is that you have 2 wheels per unit command tool, one for the order and one for the modifier. For the modifier to apply he has to be of the same color as the order. There are 3 to 6 differents colors (depending on the unit.) F.e.: I could use the move action (blue) and the blue modifier action "Rotate"(rotation at the end of the move), or the yellow move action with the modifier "defense" (+1 armor). That adds a very nice layer of strategy without complex rules and don't forget that each order has it's own initiative ranks (the lower the better).

As you can see the longer the move the higher the initiative rank (so act last)
Now that's explained let's get to it !


We played the initiation mission. The deployment is fixed and we didn't draw any objective/terrain cards.

As you can see the table is not square, that is because we have an ongoing shadow war campaign and the main table was already occupied^^.

Human side

Undead side

Exemple of movement

The game started and we secretly planned our movement on our command tool. As you can imagine on the first turn of our fist game we just advanced forward (using the blue arrows)

Here an exemple on how a movement is done during the game, it was one of our first moves !

We begin by announcing initiative ranks. Starting with 1 then 2 and then 3 ...up to 9. If you have a unit that can act on said rank you interrupt the count. In this case the undead player skeletons unit acts with an initiative of 5 (the white numbers on the wheel are initiative ranks). he announces that he wants to move an unit. Then he revealed this command tool:

If you look closely, you'll see a blue arrow (2) and a white modifier meaning that the unit can move in a straight line using the size 2 ruler.
We place the ruler next to the skeletons unit.

Then move it until it reachs the end of the ruler.


Easy and very precise !

The game

A game last 8 turns but we only played 5 to seal the deal ;)

Turn 2 movement:
Cav charge top left impact the skeletons archer hard and dodge the undead lords charge. Yay !^^ rest of the force derps a little


After 2 turns we were already hooked ! the combination of the command tool and the rulers makes perfect sense with rank and file armies.
It's so perfect, you give orders at the start of the turn and you try to counter what you think the other general think you are going to do (what :P ?).
It's awesome to the point that I need to say out loud "This game feel like the warhammer, games workshop wanted to make, but without the 100 pages of move rules and with Actual movement and strategies (played 20 years of WFB and most game were usually decided during the initial deployment)

Big golem (superb miniature) charges undead lord, pike-men try to do a slow charge after the big worm moved and on the right, skeletons know they can't charge because the ninja girl hero is going make a dash at a lower initiative rank !! Awesome :D


Turn 3 is another example on how the game is interactive:
Smelling something fishy the undead player decided to wait with his worms and do a quick short turn with the skeleton unit. It worked perfectly as the pike-men charged nothing and got 1 panic token. (increase futur moral effect)

Turn 4
We learned that the undead lord is a beast in melee combat ! killing the poor golem before he could activate his defensive order.
In the center the pike-men use a defensive order to cut their loss /2 but they don't attack ! Super ninja girl charged the side of the skel killing bunch of them and dealing secondary damage to the worms, wow !
Cav spend the turn doing a rotation.


Turn 5
Cav charge the undead boss, while on the other side pike-men suffer heavy losses from the worms and the skels (the ninja girl still hacks them.)


End of Turn 5


When the dust settled the undead lord was killed by the cav after loosing most of the unit ! On the other side, ninja girl rolled good and killed a good chunk of skel and the worms with a knife !.


This short battle (took 40 minutes) was incredibly fun and interesting ! we are both veterans of WFB and it's the first time a mass battle played like we imagined !
The system is simple, efficient , with a bunch of depth. And we are only scratching the surface.
We played a second battle using the advanced rules (terrains, missions, and deployments cards), I'll do a review about it in close future !!

I hope you enjoyed this and maybe you got a bit of hype for the game. I really think Runewars the miniatures game is going to be a major success !!!


created : about 3 years ago

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40k Battle Report: Dark Angels vs Thousand Sons & Daemons

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Small thumb screenshot 2017 03 18 19.27.49

Howdy Guys and Girls - Geek Out Studio shared their first Warhammer 40k Battle Report with me - c&c is welcome :)

Lady Atia

Beware, it may be a bit wonky - if you get headache from wonky videos, better not watch it for now ^.^

created : over 3 years ago

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Great battle report made by the battle bunnies

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Small thumb img 3994

Morning everyone !!!

Check this awesome battle report by the battle bunnies with a touch of michael bay ;)


created : almost 4 years ago

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