Basic defense formation you must know !

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Hello everyone !!!

How about a quick tutorial on defense placement ? You know the saying ? the best defense is the best defense ^^
Off course the more you play the better you will be at placing your defense. but in the meantime you can use this post to help you a little (i hope)

1) Strength or Fast ?

Team can be divided in 2 , teams that are going to muscle trough you and fast team with fast and agile players.
-Fast teams are : elves, skaven.
-lizard and human are specials but treat them as strength team for now.
-rest is strength

Against fast team you can use this formation :

Against Elves or Skaven team, better be honest with you. You can't prevent them from scoring ! period.
But that doesn't mean you just wait for them to score !!

a) Hurt them really really bad.

The goal of this formation is to protect the side and offer a gap into the center.

If your player are slower, better stay in the middle !! So we use the empty space in the middle as an invitation to play there. The pitch is 15 tiles large, and standing in the middle mean you can blitz the sideline (6 move +1 for the block). If you get baited to a side, a faster team can use the space created to gain time (more on this later).
By offering the center, frail elves may want to dive one or more player in the middle of your board! englue them and strike them hard. see the visual

In this situation, the union elf can decide to wait a turn before scoring, and it would have been better to place player in blitz range of the ball carrier. But if he wait the number of block + the foul can destroy him. Union elves are av 7

b) Don't get ball controlled.

Ball control mean : Being in position to score but delay it one or more turn.

One half is 8 turns for each coach.
If the elf coach score in 3 turns you get 6 turns to score back. And you start on attack the second half and get another 8 turns to score. This is how a strength team win against fast team 2-1.

But if you don't inflict wound on the elf team and he manage to delay the TD scoring it's very bad.
Imagine the elf score on turn 6, you have 3 turns to score, that mean you need to take risk to score that fast. Elven team punish risk taking easily and can score a counter ending the half time at 0-2 :/

That's why you want to hurt and force fast teams to score on turn 3. But don't offer them a free TD ! Fumble happen all the time if you listen Bloodbowl player !

VS strength team you can use this formation.

Strength team are going to progress with a cage, they can't Zig Zag like fast and agile team. Keep your strength in the middle and prepare for the block war !! (i'll make another post on this.)

To defend against a cage just stand 1 tile away from the cage.
like this :

If possible or safe, blitz one corner of the cage and place a player near the ball carrier.

exemple :

option : if you stun multiple players, you feel your opponent is trembling or scared of Nuffle you can go all in an place player near every opposing players.

2) Fear the quick snap

Quick snap : is the result "9" on the kickoff event table. it give 1 free move before the drive to the offense team.
So if you are 1 tile away from the scrimmage line you can get in melee an blocked freely.
Don't forget the defense deploy first so if so the offense coach see you 1 tile away from the middle, he can place 2 or 3 players in front of you in case of a quick snap.
If you read the WD this month the match report start with a quick snap and Jervis the game creator (all hail the JJ) seem to have forgotten this and get pummeled by the orcs on the first turn ! (too bad there was no pics of the deployment)

I'll say it again : Don't deploy like this unless you know why !

Ok that's all !!
You can "search" all the posts about Bloodbowl strat with the tag Bloodbowl or coach


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A few tips for tomorrow

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Hello everyone !!

Tomorrow Blood Bowl is released and here is a small survival guide to not be a total joke :D
Your are not going to win a league with this but at least you are going to play !!

Don't hesitate to zoom with ctrl+mouse wheel
Here a few things you need to know !!

I) Fear the turn over :

During a Blood Bowl game, EACH time you "FAIL" a roll of : Block, Dodge, Go for it, Pick up the ball, Catch, Pass* your turn ends. We call this a Turn Over.
In consequence if your first action in a turn is picking up the ball you can loose your turn if you fail.

pass and block are special cases :
Pass* : When you fumble (roll1) a pass or miss a pass that is not Catch the turn ends.
Block : Block is special because a Block can be super safe or super risky.

You must do each turn :
1 ) Start by doing actions that do not require a roll : moving players and standing up.
2) Then do actions needing a roll, from Safer to Riskier. (2D block with block, then picking up the ball , then super hard action.)


If your game plan means starting your turn with a 5+ dodge without reroll, change it !

II) Protect the ball

Before doing anything at the start of an offense drive, you move 2 players in front of the ball to prevent opposing players interference.
In this case the ball is too far for the scrimmage line so you should be safe, but a lot of unforeseen shit can happen in Blood Bowl, Better safe than sorry.
So the first move is to protect the ball on the ground and free players for the future cage.

Like this :

this way even if "shit happen" you still have a chance to recover.
Then at the end of the turn the thrower gets to the ball for a pick up.

One bad thing that could happen is : imagine you fail and turn over too rapidly and the human players decide to 1vs1 all your players, the situation could become very dicey very fast !!!

III) Stack tackle zone

Each standing player* has a tackle zone around him, imposing a -1 on a roll of : dodge, pick up, catch, pass.
Don't forget that if you miss it's turn over.
And any players leaving a tackle zone must roll a dodge.

the tackle zone malus stack

Meaning that rolling to dodge inside 3 tackles zone have a -3 malus (transforming a 3+ into a 6+). This concept of overlapping zone is the base of everything in Blood Bowl and more particulary the Cage.

In this exemple the blue blitzer needs a 6+ to dodge and block the ball carrier. It's really hard and don't forget - if you miss it's turn over ^^
This is an exemple of a cage, the ball carrier is inside it and he can't be blitzed unless a very hard dodge is made.

Maybe this concept is a bit too early but sooner you have it in you better you are.

III) The sideline square does not exist

Never Never Never place a players next to a sideline (anyone).
It' super easy to push you in the public. 1. Removing you from the drive, 2. roll for wound ignoring the armor.

If the opposing team have a frenzy player keep a 2 square gap.

thx taithays

To conclude this short part :
1) Actions without a roll before actions with a roll. Then easy to hard roll.
2) Always ALWAYS place 1 or 2 players in front of the ball at the start of your offense drive.
3) Spread tackle zone !!!! More tackle zone !!!!
4) Never stick to the sideline

Tomorow i'll do defense, block war and cage

Good night and blitz !

created : over 3 years ago

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Bloodbowl match report

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Small thumb img 3666

Hello everyone !!

Tonight a friend was home and as he's a bloodbowl veteran. we played a game (only an half).

We used the starting rosters in the box without modifications. I played Humans on offense and he played Orcs on defense. Humans with 3 rerolls and Orcs with 2.

I wrote the report for both of us using the first person, therefore on the orc turn I am talking on behalf of my friend ! (just so you know I am not crazy)

Setup :

Rule recap : you must have at least 3 players, on the scrimmage line so on defense don't place more than 3 and always linemen or very resistant players (like black orcs)

Orc setup:
Nothing fancy by the orcs, they invite me in the middle of the pitch. 2 black orcs (in red) on the scrimmage and the 2 blitzer (in red too) behind.
Note : These Orcs are 1 square away and are vulnerable to a quick snap, but they are more than happy to offer it as they hope for a big brawl anyway.

Human setup:
Human deployment is tricky, without an ogre and with 2 receivers i can't go building a cage in the middle. i deploy my 2 blitzer on the left and pray for the best ^^

Human turn 1:

-Before moving we rolled deviation (1 square in direction 1) directly on my human thrower and i grab the ball it's starting well !!
-kickoff rolled a riot (we both lost a turn).

You can see i skew on the left very hard and move the ball carrier and both receiver to form a cage (yellow arrow).
I started my turn by moving players that didn't needed a roll (always do this if you can).

Then i blitzed with my left blitzer (red arrow) and went back 1 square to protect my cage.

Then i blocked with the blitzer (small red arrow) and the 2 linemen in the end (small red arrow) they don't have block so it's dangerous to even try it - even with 2 dices. I fumbled one lineman block and i used a reroll (down to 2)

Orcs turn 1:

They didn't bite middle and decided to skew right. No problem without an ogre and with only 2 blitzer they don't really pose a threat if I am careful.

My left yellow arrows are move in base to base, with armor 9 you fear little.
The 2 black orcs move middle and with their strength of 4 they are a big problem (Small yellow arrow)

Then i blitzed with the right blitzer and killed the poor lineman (it's not a KO !, the MS-paint is lying)

Human turn 2:

Damn already missing a player and left is blocked, better use this +1 move i have over them.

The 3 big yellow arrow are the 2 receivers and the thrower moving right.
The left red arrow was my blitz then I finished the move to support another block from the second blitzer (second red arrow from the left).

Then I blocked with everything I could while trying to keep some sort of cage.

Orcs turn 2:

Haha, when the human start playing like elves, it's a good sign !

I start with all the blue dot that are player standing up ! (Do it first !)
Then I moved my thrower and blitzer in the middle (2 bottoms yellow arrow) they play a safety role, meaning they can blitze if a receiver goes deep with the ball (or without).

The right long arrow shows a circling move to prevent the encircled player to try a 3+ to help the ball carrier.

Finally I blitz (red arrow) with my blitzer, hit the human receiver (str2) with 2 dices, score a pow and knock him down. I finish my move with 2 gfi to contact the ball carrier.

Ps: As you maybe noted, we both try to blitz with our blitzer because they have the block skill that help a lot !
ps 2: When i write POW i mean i rolled a flash on the block dice (équivalent to a 6) and knocked the target down.

Human turn 3:

This drive smells like rotten tomatoes !

First : I blocked with my top blitzer (small red arrow) to free the second blitzer
With him I blitzed the orc in contact with my thrower, then I moved back to form a cage (long red arrow).

Pls note again that I blocked with bloth blitzer to reduce the risk of turnover. Never forget that blood bowl is a game where each failed roll end your turn !

Then I skewed right with the ball carrier and forgot to stay out of range of the blitzer.

Finally I launched the receiver on their half of the pitch (he's 9 squares away from the end zone).

Orcs turn 3:

The receiver is the only immediate threat, but he's 9 square away from the end zone and that is a big mistake. With a move stat of 8 the receiver can move 10 a turn (with two gfi). If i can force him to dodge backward he can't score (moving 1 away from my goal and ending 10 square away from the end zone. Means he need 11 move to score)
So I contact the receiver with 2 players (the 2 bottoms yellow arrow.) and i make sure that my player is in front of him. Doing this I ensure he must roll a 4+ / 3+ to dodge and go to the end zone.
ps: I contact with 2 players to give a -2 to the reception rolls. (5+ with free reroll in this case)

With the receiver dealt with, I move players to pressure the cage (yellow arrow)

Now I block with the black orc (middle red arrow), fumble but use a reroll.

Then I blitze the receiver (2dices) with my blitzer but only get a push but I still contact the ball carrier.

ps: I didn't blitzed the ball carrier because i used my Reroll on the black orc (rolling double skull aka fumble and turn over and you can use only 1 RR per turn).

Finally I block with the rest of the team (the red arrows on the right).

I roll both down my last block and my poor orcs linemen get KO ed.


Human 4:

I see my mistake with the receiver as I can't go into the end zone without a very hard dodge...
But I have no choice, my plan is to block to free my thrower, dodge with the receiver and throw a super hard pass into the end zone.

Before moving I stand up the 2 blue dot on the right. The 2 left ones are stunned and must pass the turn.

I start by moving my lineman next to the white line (right bottom yellow arrow) NEVER do this without a good reason you are guaranteed to at least see the player pushed in the public !

Then I blitzed with my blitzer (red arrow) hit the orc and move back to give support.

Then my receiver (strength 2) blocks (small red arrow) on the blitzer with 2 dice with the help of 2 assists (green +) I POW the orc and free the thrower.
I had 2 options, hand off with the thrower before the receiver move, or move the receiver and long pass him for the td. I chose the second option because the ball stays in my hand if the receiver fails the dodge.

I fail the second dodge and stun my self (top right yellow arrow)


Orcs 4:

The attack is nearly dead, i just need to get the ball and counter.

I move everyone in melee.( yellow arrow)

Then I block a few time to free my blitzer (the two bottom red arrow)

Then I blitz with the blitzer (top red arrow), 1 dice with block against a thrower without block it's like a 4+. I score a both down but I have block and he has none. He gets knocked down and drops the ball.

Ball bounces a few times and the active blitzer get it !!! Hurray orcs have the ball !. For one second i think about dodging and gfi but i prefer to keep my reroll !.

Bottom of the pitch : My thrower fouls the receiver, I stun him again. ^^

Human 5:

Gnaw, The ball lost and bounced on the orc blitzer :/

I stand up my thrower to give an assist.

I then blitz with my blitzer (long red arrow) I POW the blitzer and ball bounces on me, I get the ball (rolled a 6), then I move with 2 gfi.
Yay lucky !!

Then I move all the players I have to protect the carrier. I knockdown another orc (small red arrow).

I end the turn by moving (long yellow arrow) my receiver in the way after a dodge and a gfI

Orcs 5:

Doh !

I stand up my orc (green dot)

With vengeance in mind I push the linemen out of the terrain and the public people kill him !(red arrow)

Then the whole team move in the middle to prepare the next turn blitz. (all the yellow arrows ^^)

Human 6:

It's a golden chance ! so let's roll !

I stand up the blue dot.

I blitze with the blitzer (red arrow) and then move to cage.

Then I move the ball carrier against the terrain limit (yellow arrow again. Don't do it it's stupid ^^)

I close the cage with the a lineman (yellow arrow)

Finally I dodge with the receiver to block the way.

It's a shitty move to be honest I shouldn't stick the line even if I offer an easier blitz.
I should have made a wall with the receiver ^^

Orcs 6:

Samba time !

Nothing to think about! The ball carrier is against the line, there is only one thing to do! Punish him!

I move 3 players in position (yellow arrow).

I move 1 blitzer in TD distance.

Then I blitz! WAAAAAAGH!

I need : GFI (2+), dodge : 6+, GFI 2+, blitz one dice without block (3+).
It happen like in a dream! I push the human blitzer in the public (red arrow) , public KO him.

The ball bounces back on the pitch (green line) and in the middle. I block 2 twice (red arrows) and protect the ball (top right yellow arrow)

Human 7:

Holy Guacaholy, I yell he laughs and we wake up my wife and the baby :D.
After a 10 minutes break to put back the baby to sleep ... :P

I try a long pass but I miss end of my drive.


Orcs 7:

As I have positioned a player 6 squares away from the end zone I try to score.

My second blitzer grabs the ball and do an hand off on a linemen (top yellow arrow and short green arrow).

Then my linemen moves and pass' to the blitzer (green straight line), but I fail and without a reroll it's the end of half (we lost a turn with the riot at the star of the half.)

Game ends on a very fun 0 - 0

TBH we weren't motivated to play with only the Box positional but we had lot of fun.
As we spent a lot of time to make picture and note for the report we only played 1 half.
If we were to play the second half human team suffered 2 kill and 1 ko and orcs only 1 ko. That looked grim in the second half !

I hope you enjoyed reading this and got a glimpse of what you can do in blood bowl !

ps : Don't hesitate to ask question or zoom.
ps2 : If you have question go for it !
ps3 : I'll use "coach" tag for finding game report and strategy tips !


created : over 3 years ago

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