Age of Sigmar : GHB 2020

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Hello everyone !!

Ghb 2020 content was made public yesterday coupled with nice Dev video about what they put in the book.

warhammer rumour

Multiplayers battle look interesting but after a quick glance nothing incredible is coming this year. We'll have to wait to see if there are changes to Battleplan or points.


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Age of Sigmar : General’s Handbook pre orders !

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Hello everyone !!

Next week is a big one, General Handbook going on pre orders ! As per 2019 edition, there is 2 books, one for points and one for rules.
GH2020 is available in 3 formats :
-Warlord Edition (with token and cards)
-Soft back edition


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Warhammer Age of Sigmar – Update Now Live!

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Hello everyone !!!

Huge update to the General Handbook and most of the Battletomes.

Main point are

I) Racial Terrain are now placed 3" from other terrain and 1" from objective

In a Pitched Battle, faction terrain must be set up more
than 3" from any other terrain features and more
than 1" from any objectives, in addition to any other
restrictions that apply to it. Sometimes this will make it
impossible for a faction terrain piece to be set up; in this
case, it is not used.’

No reference to table edge.

II) Digital Points Update outside of General Handbook. (Bi annual)

Every year we do two Warhammer Age of Sigmar rules reviews – one midway through the year when the General’s Handbook is released, and a second about six months later at Christmas. These give us a chance to answer any questions we have received, which are then published in the form of digital updates to the Errata and Designers’ Commentary files on the Warhammer Community website.

Until this year we only updated points values in the General’s Handbook. From now on, though, we will be releasing a digital update to the point values when we do each rules review.

We have decided to do this because the General’s Handbook is sent off to our printers a long time before it actually goes on sale.

This year the Blades of Khorne, Flesh-eater Courts, Gloomspite Gitz and Skaven battletomes were all released after the new General’s Handbook was printed. Under the old system, we’d have just waited to make any changes when the next General’s Handbook was released, but that would mean it could take more than a year to update the points values in those books, even though we had the feedback we needed much earlier.

III) Removing/Adding Warscrolls

Some warscrolls are removed from the General handbook other are added.

General Handbook 2019 errata :

Faq page :


It's good they removed the stupid terrain rules.
but FUCK they removed Beastlord on Chariot and Centigor Warhoof :/


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Age of Sigmar : General hanbook 2019 review (matched play)

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Hello everyone !!

General Handbook is available to everyone since Saturday but having received the GW sample on the same day I still wanted to write a short review of the book.

I am going to focus on Matched play part of the book as it is the most interesting part for me at this time.

2 Parts in this review: Pitched battle 2019 rules change and meeting engagement the 1000 pts new format.

Let's get started with Pitched battle in 2019-2020 Season.

Age of Sigmar Pitched battle season 2019-2020

The mains changes to Pitched Battle are :

Extra Command Point
There are quite a few changes in this new season. First, the rule about extra command points was changed, before it was 50 pts for 1 extra commands points with no limit to the number of them. In the General Handbook 2019, the rule is 50 points for 1 command points but no more than 1. It's not a big deal for the main army, but Tomb king for example just joined the General Handbook and they have no Warscroll Battalion options and they can buy only one at the start now :( (sad)

Age of sigmar general handbook 2019 review points

Army Specific Terrain Placement
The second change is hotly debated Army specific terrain placement. In the 2018 editions of the General Handbook, there was no mention of them but in the 2019 edition there is a new block on how to place Army terrains.

Age of sigmar general handbook 2019 review points

Harsh !!! Games Workshop spent the year selling us these new terrains and now a new restriction enters the fray. And it's completely intended that some terrain placement prevent them to be used.

Terrains Selection and Placement
The third big change is the Battlefield generation procedure. Now it's specified that Pitched battles are fought on a 48" by 72", that each player picks 5 terrain pieces, 3 from the Primary list and 2 from the Secondary and take turn placing them. As for Army Specific terrain, you must place them more than 6" from an edge, other terrains and 3" from objectives.

As you can see the new scenery line is well represented in this list ^^

Age of sigmar general handbook 2019 review points

New Scenery Table
The fourth change is the scenery table, now there are 2 tables but you only roll on the scenery tables if the terrain piece is a unique terrain feature or doesn't have a warscroll. If there is a warscroll available you must use the warscroll rules.

generic Command Abilities
Fifth change: Command Abilities, Pitched battle add 3 more Command abilities to the 3 from the core rules.
All out attack: Target unit reroll 1 to hit for this melee phase
All out defence: Target unit reroll to save for this melee phase
Volley Fire: Target unit reroll 1 to hit during this shooting phase.
Ok, these are pretty vanilla, but still, some army are going to benefit from these especially in the end game when the only hero left is a shaman hiding behind an Herdstone ^^

2018 Optional Battleplan
Sixth concern the Battleplans, now the book include the option to play with the 2018 version if you have General Handbook 2018 (it make no sense to me but whatever). Also, some Battleplans were improved (allegedly)

Upgraded Triumph table
Last Change is for the Triumph table, I know it's not used by everyone, but in a Pitched battle under the rules of the General Handbook 2019. The army with the fewer points spent earn a roll on the new table :

Age of sigmar general handbook 2019 review points

Honestly, the Triumphs are all super strong even if once per battle only and totally worth 15/30 pts. Also, I am not sure with the new wording if buying a command point is counted in army selection or not? (need FaQ)

That's it for the Pitched Battle 2019 Editions. Now let's take a quick look at the most interesting feature of this new General handbook: Meeting Engagement.

Meeting Engagement

This is the new Kitchen Table format !! The promise is 1000 points, 90Minutes No spam or huge Infantry Block.

The army selection rules and how the army come into the game are different from the Pitched Battle version.

Limitation to army selection

-1000 points limit
-No more than twice the same warscroll
-1 Endless Spell limit
-1 ally unit limit
-Minimum sized unit
-1 warscroll Battalion limit
-Only 1 Extra command point for 50 pt (it's the same as Pitched battle 2019)
-The Army has to be split into 3 Contingents.

From the get-go, i really like this ruleset for small game size. It's clearly intended at the new players that don't possess huge blob of 30 infantry ^^. In this game mode, you can only pick unit a starting force or double force (but with restriction.) And no more than twice the same warscroll. It's going to reduce the bad side of 1k games where the top list is frequently a big boss + 1 maxed unit with synergy+ support.

The three wave
Your army has to be split into 3 waves, each wave has it's own limitation and restriction and must have at least one unit.

-Spearhead (wave 1) start the game on the table
-Main force(wave 2) arrives at the end of the first turn
-Rearguard (wave 3)arrives at the end of the second turn.
Battles stop at the end of the fourth round.

Age of sigmar general handbook 2019 review points

Only base sized unit in Spearhead, one battleline in Main force can be double sized and any rear guard can be double sized.

Arrival of new units

Age of sigmar general handbook 2019 review points

Each mission proposes a diagram showing from where enter reserve. Models must be placed 3" from reserve edge (even if they are too big to fit).
Also, Enemy arrival edge counts as enemy models and prevent them to be deployed within 9".

Reserve units cannot be deployed until their contingent is eligible for deployment.

Victory Points

Missions have 2 Victory conditions, 1 for kill points and 1 for objectives.
The kill points are super interesting because they are counted each turn

Age of sigmar general handbook 2019 review points

That means you need to deal damage each turn to earn VP while still holding an objective. Forcing you to commit a unit from the start of the game. Also, considering the game last 4 turns, there is no time to sleep.

Having 1-4 more VP than the opponent is Minor Victory, 5+ is Major, rest result in a draw.


On the paper I really like Meeting Engagement, I am playing tomorrow (Monday). Will do a report on how the game(s) went!

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Preview of the points Change in the General Handbook 2019.

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Small thumb aosghpreview jun09 genhandbookheader5fde

Hello everyone !!

Warhammer Community revealed some (most) points change in the new General Handbook 2019.

Grand Alliance: Chaos

general handbook points change

Gor 70 points
Tzaangor Enlightened on Discs of Tzeentch 160 points
Pink Horror at 180 points
Flamers of Tzeentch 140 points
Varanguard have received a drop of 20 points.
The Lord of Afflictions, Pusgoyle Blightlords the Affliction Cyst 200 points
Chaos Marauder Horsemen 80 points
Chaos Chariot 210 for 3

Grand Alliance: Death

general handbook points change

Dire wolves 70 points
Grave Guard are unit of 10 now (points reduction)
Blood Knight cost 200 (for 5)
GrimGhast Reapers at 160 pts
Olynder got a reduction as well*

Grand Alliance: Destruction

general handbook points change

Mournfang pack = 140 pts
Stonehorn Beastriders and Thundertusk Beastriders have also been discounted
Megaboss on Maw-krusha and Gordrakk, the Fist of Gork now cost fewer points
Orruk Ardboys and Orruk Brutes have been discounted

Grand Alliance: Order

general handbook points change

Bleakswords now only cost 90 point
Sorceress on Black Dragon is 260 points

Witch Elves up to 120 Points
Hag Queen up to 90
Blood Stalkers discounted to 140 points

Witch Hunter 40 points

Dwarf Warriors up to 90 points for 10
Runelord, Unforged and Warden King discounted

30 Swordmasters 380 points.

Freeguild General on Griffon 280
Demigryph Knights and Freeguild Greatswords are down in points

Morrsarr Guard up to 170 for a unit of 3
Akhelian Leviadon and both Namarti Thralls, Namarti Reavers are discounted

Grundstok Gunhauler, Arkanaut Frigate and Arkanaut Ironclad are discounted
Skywardens and Grundstok Thunderers are discounted

Dragonlord up to 380
Dragon Blade 120 pt

Flame And Cold Phoenix get discount if taken without a rider

regiments discounts : 40 Black Ark Corsairs is now only 240 points

Saurus Guard and Saurus Warriors : Discounted
Skinks goes up in points
Stegadon and Troglodon at 140 points!

general handbook points change

Evocator Up in points
All the other units Discounted

Mourngul -20 pts (lol)

Endless SPells

general handbook points change

Geminids of Uhl-Gysh 60 points
Purple Sun of Shyish 50 points,

Monstrous Arcanum

All Forge World stuff is included.


Some deserved nerf to the Dok, the Stormcast points change is a surprise as i thought a new Battletome was incoming (maybe delayed). Interesting to see Chaos Chariots get max unit discounts. Gor at 7 points is interesting ^^
Sad to see the purple sun going down to 50 points it need updated rules !!!

Will do a full review as soon ups deliver the book ! :/ it was expected yesterday but no one showed up :'(.


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The General’s Handbook 2019: Meeting Engagements

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Small thumb aosghmeetingengage jun11 opener1hnvr

Hello everyone !!!

More details are revealed about the new 1000 pts Age of Sigmar game mode named : Meeting Engagements.

Meeting Engagements work just like a normal game of Warhammer Age of Sigmar, with key changes to army selection, deployment and battleplans.

Army selection

Meeting Engagement forces are small, highly focused and generally based around the core Battleline units of your army. A Meeting Engagement army must be 1000 points, and consists of three main elements – each of which contains at least 1 unit.

The Spearhead: An advance force made up of 0-1 Leaders, 0-2 Battleline units, and 0-2 other units

The Main Body: The primary element of your force, which includes 1-2 Leaders, 1+ Battleline units, 0-1 Behemoths and any number of other units

The Rearguard: A reserve force that arrives last, and includes 0-1 Leaders, 0-1 Behemoths, 0-2 Artillery, 0-2 Battleline units, and 0-2 other units

Age of Sigmar Meeting Engagements

Additionally, some unit restrictions apply…

-Your army may include no more than 2 units from the same warscroll (unless they’re part of a Warscroll Battalion).

-Units in the spearhead can only be taken at their minimum size.
-One Battleline unit in the main body can be taken at up to double their minimum size.
-any number of Battleline units in the rearguard can be taken at up to double their minimum size.

-You may only include one Warscroll Battalion.

-You may only include one allied unit.

-You may only include one endless spell.

Deployment & Battleplans

Age of Sigmar Meeting Engagements

In every Meeting Engagement battleplan, both forces start with their spearhead on the board.
As battle rages on, the rest of the army arrives – generally speaking, your main body will be deployed at the end of your first turn, and your rearguard at the end of your second turn.

In some cases, your forces will all arrive in roughly the same place, while in other battleplans, they may well all appear on different parts of the board. As with army selection, a balanced force is key here to ensure you don’t get caught out too far away from a vital objective…

Meeting Engagement games are played on a smaller area – we’ve suggested a battlefield of 30-36” by 40-48″! This makes it easy to squeeze into a smaller play area, like a coffee table. What’s more, if you’re a club gamer, you’ll be able to fit more folks in for your tournaments!

Sound like a fresh way to play !!

Being forced to use minimum sized unit and limited to double size is really interesting, Can't wait to try it, what about you ?


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General Handbook 2019 Price

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Small thumb aosghpreview jun09 feature5hdw 320x320

Hello everyone !!

General Handbook 2019 price is 25€/20£/35$ (for both books)
General Handbook 2019 Warlord edition is 60€/45£/75$

You will be able to pre orders from the 15 june 2019 for a release the 22 june 2019 (one week)

ps: The warlord edition is Web only details here


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Warhammer Age of Sigmar : General Handbook Mercenary Companies

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Small thumb ghmercenaries jun10 opener10yx

Hello everyone !!!

Following the Mercenary options in Forbidden Powers, General Handbook 2019 is going to expand on this theme with 10 mercenary options (the 2 from Forbidden powers are also included).


Mercenary us the Allied Point limit from the Army building rules. But you don't need to choose from the Allied list as any army can enroll Mercenary.

The one drawback is loosing one command point at the start of the game.

General handbook mercenary companies

The Mercenary Companies

Sons of the Lichemaster

Want some cheap bodies (even if dead), this mercenary company allow necromancer, skeletons, zombies and one Cart.

General handbook mercenary companies
General handbook mercenary companies

Grugg Brothers

Up to 3 giants with reroll if they are close to each others, not bad in a really big game.
General handbook mercenary companies
General handbook mercenary companies

Order of the Blood-drenched Rose

Vampires heavy cavalry, interesting for some factions. + Immune to Battleshock test.

General handbook mercenary companies

General handbook mercenary companies

Nimyard’s Rough-Riders

Consisting of at least one unit of pistoliers, with the option for Outriders and a Freeguild General

General handbook mercenary companies

General handbook mercenary companies

Having outriders flanking is a super cool idea !

The Blacksmoke Battery

onsisting of 1-3 Cannons or Organ Guns, with options for a Cogsmith and a Gyrocopter,

General handbook mercenary companies

Dwarf Canon in my Nurgle Army ? Deal !!!!

General handbook mercenary companies

And with a +1 to shoot !!! and you could stack it with the Cogsmith for a reroll !!! Nasty.

Skroug’s Menagerie
General handbook mercenary companies

Fury Mercs !! cool


General handbook mercenary companies

General handbook mercenary companies

Models are super old but maybe you can use the Warcry one (Or a Marauders models coming after warcry ^^)

The Gutstuffers

General handbook mercenary companies

General handbook mercenary companies

Good shock troop if your army need them !


That's it for the Merc in the General Handbook 2019. I am sure all these new options are going to shake the Meta. I mean, Having canon shooting all these DOK altar is sure to have an effect ^^

Source :


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The General’s Handbook 2019

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Small thumb aosghpreview jun09 ghb7dhs

Hello everyone !!

I hope you had a good gaming week end :) (i had !)

Next Week End will see the Pre Order for General Handbook 2019. This time the book will be split in 2 with one for all the rules/gamemode and a smaller one with only battle profiles and points updated.

General Handbook
Will host expanded rules for : Ironjawz, Seraphon, Wanderers, Darkling Covens, Free Peoples, Slaves to Darkness and Dispossessed

Pitched Battle Profile booklet
Pitched Battle profiles will be printed separately in a booklet of their own, including the latest points adjustments plus profiles for a number of Compendium units, endless spells and terrain.

created : about 1 year ago

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General Handbook 2018 review !

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Small thumb cover

Hello everyone !!

it's time for our review of the GH2018 !!


The General Handbook is a soft cover book with 137 pages. Good quality, in the line with the souls war material. A bit better than last year GH.
All the pages are used, even the last one have an Orruck Battalion on it ^^
The 3 ways to play are still present and approached in details from what we had in the Core Rule Book !

The 3 ways to Play !

Open, Narrative, Matched play are the 3 play modes in the GH2018.

Open Play

As described by GW : The best ideas are always the simpliest ! Open play ride on this idea. Take your models and play against your friends ^^
8 pages are dedicated to the open play.

Battleplan Generator
Generate a game in a minute !!
Roll from 12 deployments options, 6 objectives, 6 ruses, 6 sudden deaths and 6 twists.
No game should be the same ever(ish). To be honest after spending a few moments considering them, it's a fine way to play. You can even combine the generator with the points values of the matched play section for something more constructed and fair.

Aerial Battle !!!
I don't know why it's not in the Narrative part of the book, but it give you the rule for 2 types of aerial battle.
: Fly only map, ground troops are stuck in garrison and shoot at the main actors !
Overhead : 2 level of play, the flyer and the ground troops.

2 battleplans proposed, 2 tables of twists and objectives (1d6 each). Explanation on how to use the Battleplan generator for Air battle !

Great idea this aerial mode, of course as an Beast Herd player apart from a Jabberslythe i have nothing that fly ^^


Around 20 pages of material. Complete what was offered on the Core Rule Book.
The main thing are 42 specials rules that you can add to your battle.

Narrative play special rules

Narrative special rules are new tools for customizing games.

There are a lot of them (42) , you can add as many as you want. The authors warn you about "bogging down the game pace" if you add too much. The idea is to spice up your game with new interactions and rules. Off course you can combine this with Battleplan generation, Mortal realms special rules, random objectives, Firestorm campaign, ...This is limitless and offer your quite a lot of freedom.

Historical Battle

Gh2018 offer 2 battleplans about 2 big historical battles of the Mortal Realms !
-The cascading path battle (nurgle vs sylvaneth)
-War in the Glymmsforge Catacombs.
Both are tempting and with an interesting background ! (really liked the Second siege of Glymmsforge !)

Gathering of Might

Gathering of might provide a set of simple modifications to the Warhammer AOS core rules that allows a massive game featuring hundred of models on either side to be played at a faster and more satisfying pace than would normally be possible.

Yes this is AosPocalyspe and it's offer a fair numbers of optimisations :

-Timed deployment / secret biding (you bid time ^^)
-Reserve start on second round and limited to own half.
-3 commands points per turn
-Double range of ranged weapons (with a -1)
-Simultaneous combat (everyone pile in and then everyone fight at the same time)
-Legendary Traits, artefacts, Gift of gods, spells
-2 Battleplans.

Off course i didn't tested this mode yet, but from 5000+ points per side it's better to go with these rules i think (unless you have a lot of time to play your game off course)

Matched play

No revolution here :
-Pitched Battle chart (no change)
-Battleplans (12 included) but if you random the mission it's 3 tables of 6 (The 6 first are in the Core rule book) so you need both book (weird)
-Points listing (models, formation, scenery, endless spells, shadespire)
-Allied table

Good stuff !! Nothing spectacular but it's what you hope to find in these parts^^
Points are increased on heroes, wizard reduced price on most of the battalions.
Some multi-wounds units got very good discount.
Hard to predict what going to happen with the nerf to the conga line ^^

With this end the 3 ways to play description. I am not sure even sure we need the distinction anymore.
Maybe GW could merge free, narrative and matched play and keep a tournament play mode. It's no big deal but the separation feel artifical now.

Conquest Unbound

Last but not least, this chapter cover :
-New summoning rules
-New scenery rules (include the obstacle keyword mentioned in the basic rules.)
-Allegiance + Battalion

New summoning rules

You already know the gist of it. All the summon mechanisms have been changed/removed.
Some warscrolls were modified to include a one time summon (like allariel.) It's a super interesting evolution and it's make summon great again. I am sure some fine tuning going to happen in the future but it's already really good !

Again Beastmen lost something :/ the summon beast spell was removed completely and replaced by a whip like spell. Not sure the spell worth it with the speed of the herd but could be usefull to extend the threat range of minotaure or Dragon. Baaahhhhh Anyway i am playing Nighthaunt now !


13 Scenery warscrolls that allow to play the vast range produced by GW without problem.
Resolve some problems from the older version. Everything is neat now and include the obstacle rules from the core rules.

Allegiance Abilites

List of all the allegiance :

Note : the 4 grand alliance are not in the GH2018 but in the CRB (core rule book)

Factions specific Endless spells

In the Nighthaunt and Stormcast section of the pitched battle profile are listed 3 Endless spells

Nighthaunt have : Mortalis Terminexus, Shyish Reaper, Vault of souls
Stormcast have : Celestian Vortex, Dais Arcanum, Everblaze Comet (100pts like the Purple sun)


Gh2018 is a good Year !
Including scenery rules and apocalypse is a really good move.

On the bad side, not having all the Battleplans in the book is bad. Same has not having the Grand alliance.
The more i think about it, the more i find the rules spread too much. Again you also need the big Core if you want the rules for endless spells (general rules i mean as, how to dispel, who get the control the spell...).

Ok that's it for now
If you have questions ask them i'll try to respond without angering the inquisition !! :D


created : about 2 years ago

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